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Suzuki V- Strom 2. The impressive braking system is almost invisible in action. When riding you still have independent control of the front and the rear brakes. It’s a better Suzuki V- Strom and XT for Although most of the improvements are difficult for the rider to feel, the. Cycle World takes a First Look at the new for Suzuki V- Strom and V- Strom XT adventure motorcycles from Suzuki. MV Agusta Rush First Look.

Introduced in , the V-Strom expanded the popularity of motorcycles in the adventure-category. When a more proficient V-Strom debuted in , it was also embraced by riders around the world. To reemphasize the V-Strom’s leadership in this category, Suzuki applies new technology and practical experience to the new V-Strom 6/7/ · The only missing component on the V-Strom was wire wheels, so for , Suzuki gave the XT version nice new tubeless ones, a inch front and 17 rear. Okay, so the Honda uses a / inch combo, big deal. That just means the V-Strom remains the superior pavement bike – especially since it’s also a bit more firmly suspended than the Honda.

Мы откровенно влюбились в оригинальный V-Strom , когда Suzuki представила его в своем модельном году. Тогда Suzuki. Сузуководы – вливайтесь ;) Suzuki V-Strom XT — отличный вариант В году V-Strom снова обновили, добавив новые.

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